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Payday loans in business operations

Falling into payday loans and conducting a business activity, we have to reckon with the fact that many banks will refuse to grant us consolidation due to the bank’s policy where most do not consolidate non-bank loans. for further explanation

With this in mind, it’s best to ask about the calculation of the capacity and give any possibilities to me. He deals with it professionally and just calls or write an e-mail with the necessary information and I will help as much as I can. My help is free in most situations.

Which banks do not see payday loans if we run our own business?

Which banks do not see payday loans if we run our own business?

In fact, there are several banks that still do not charge non-bank Credit Checker. This is checked with the fact that you need to be well prepared so as not to make a mistake by entering the application.

And these banks with the right selection of documents will not see non-bank liabilities and hence it is a chance for cash.

This money can be used for any purpose

This money can be used for any purpose

And as I mentioned earlier, we will pay them payday loans. Of course, the aforementioned method also applies to banks that check the non-bank scales, but in most cases, we will have to check the report and analyze the bank and non-bank queries because a larger number of them cause automatic refusal.

  • Bank A – with cash running the company, I would suggest taking the first steps in this direction. The non-bank scales are not checked and thus we definitely have greater creditworthiness and other basic information is not verified queries from parabanks. They only check the repayment of banking products, so even with delays on payday loans, it is worth submitting an application. The problem appears only when payday loans are served from the same account, but if this happens, we always have an alternative. The loan period is up to 120 months and the maximum amount is USD 180,000. The financial documents we need to present are PIT for the previous year, current financial results, as well as the last month, calculated in detail. A full statement is not required but a presentation of historical tax and social security payments.
  • Bank B – a similar situation as in the previous bank, where non-bank Credit Checker is not verified and, therefore, we rely only on bank liabilities. Financial documents are very similar because PIT for the previous year is required, current settlement for 2019 along with detailed settlement for the last month. The only difference here is the presentation of a full statement in 3 months and it is important that no payday loans are visible. In case liabilities are repaid from this account, there is no chance without closing confirmations. An offer for 120 months for amounts up to USD 150,000 where the conditions are very good and the grant is one of the best on the market.
  • Bank C – This bank sees payday loans from Credit Checker but consolidates them, which is not standard nowadays. The problem, however, is the number of queries and scoring in Credit Checker because everything is caught. Amounts are up to USD 200,000 for 144 months, except that large amounts are processed best with consolidation of liabilities. Unfortunately, but in this bank timeliness in paying installments and bank and non-bank installments is also important, therefore people with high debts may have a problem. I encourage you to send reports for inspection even without personal data, I will try to assess the chances of success.

Do I have a chance for a loan?

Do I have a chance for a loan?

Yes, it is important to first download the Credit Checker report for USD 39 because on this basis we are able to assess whether there is a chance and where it is worth trying. With a large number of payday loans, it can sometimes be a problem, but many times have managed to get large amounts of the fact that going alone to the first better bank is pointless.

I am happy to help and analyze the report in terms of cash/consolidation because, in addition to the above-mentioned problems, there are often other ones such as an unusual accounting company with the Tax Office (e.g. tax card) or other problems. I invite you to contact me.

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