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Credit in 24 hours

A credit in 24 hours is certainly something for everyone who is in a particular hurry and needs liquidity at short notice. Corresponding loan offers, which are presented online under the slogan “Instant credit in 24 hours”, are also available to a sufficient extent. Nevertheless, it must be made clear in this context that a loan can be processed and approved within 24 hours, but that it is practically impossible to have this loan available in this short time.

Loan processing in 24 hours

Loan processing in 24 hours

The credit in 24 hours is also available as an express credit, lightning credit or express credit. All of these terms refer to loan offers where the lender makes the decision within a few minutes or hours. Once the loan has been approved, the actual procedure only begins. This includes sending the contract documents to the borrower by post. The latter then has to sign the contract, provide the required evidence and, for the purpose of legitimation, go to a Post branch where the Post Ident procedure is carried out. From there, the documents are sent back to the lending bank. This process alone is linked twice to mail delivery times that last at least two days.

Once the credit agreement has reached the bank, the documents must be checked, and the loan is only paid out when everything has been checked and processed. The usual bank transfer times must then be taken into account here. This means that a rush credit is in the borrower’s checking account after five or six days at the earliest, but everything must go smoothly. Instant credit in 24 hours does not mean that the money is available within this time.

Alternatives to credit in 24 hours

Alternatives to credit in 24 hours

If you really need a quick loan in 24 hours, you should either use your disposition loan or the existing call credit or alternatively go to a pawnshop. Valuables can be pledged there for cash. You get the money there immediately.

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